Best Free Bet Offers from UK Online Bookmakers – Our Top 10 Picks for 2021

The UK is probably one of the best countries to enjoy betting. Bettors from this country enjoy betting on horse racing, football, Greyhounds, and many other sports. With some decent bookmakers available on the market, you’re probably looking to kickstart your betting journey. And there’s no better way of doing that than getting some free bets. Wondering which sites give you that? Well, let’s find out what are the best free bet offers from the UK online bookies.

Best Free Bet Offers on Online Bookies in the United Kingdom

We at GamblingKing are hell-bent on finding the best betting and free bet offers for you. Today, we’ve prepared not 5 or 6, but 10 offers of this type, that will entice you to start betting on some of the websites. Our top 10 picks are below, so pay attention:

1. 888Sport

888 Sport Welcome Bonus

We’ll kick our list off with 888Sport, which is our favorite UK online bookie. This bookie offers tons of betting markets and sports, yet keeps things as simple as possible. Apart from some quality promotions that it offers, you also get a pretty good welcome bonus that includes a hefty amount of free bets.

Upon registering on the site and making your first deposit of £10, you get £30 in free bets, once the bet has been settled. The qualifying bet is with the odds of at least 1/2 (1.5), so it’s relatively easy to win AND get your £30 as a bonus. If you place a bet on the odds of 1.5, with a stake of £10, that’s £15 if you win, plus £30, resulting in £45 to play with.

The reason why this is the best offer is that there are no wagering requirements. You get your bonus, place bets, and withdraw everything you win.

This is an excellent way to start betting on 888Sport that will set you up for some serious cash in the future. Apart from this offer, 888Sport also includes a loyalty program, tons of payment methods, and other advanced features.

Simply put, it’s THE best option out there and you won’t be wrong if you smash the button below and claim the offer now.

Get £30 in Free Bets On 888Sport >

2. Betway

Betway Welcome Bonus

Players in the UK are well aware of Betway’s existence. This online bookie AND casino, whatever you like, has been with us for quite some time. With its competitive odds, intuitive interface, and lots of betting variety, it will surely make you enjoy betting even more.

To get your free bets offers, you usually need to be from the UK or Ireland, which is the case on Betway. As with 888Sport, the minimum deposit is £10 and you also get £30 in free bets. The conditions here are a bit different, hence the bookmaker takes the second spot.

Once you deposit £10, you need to place a qualifying bet with the odds of 1.75 or above. There are 1-time wagering requirements, after which you can withdraw your bonus-related winnings. Moreover, only PayPal and credit/debit card deposits are accepted.

This means that you can use VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, or PayPal to get your free bets. These wagering requirements are pretty mild, so there shouldn’t be a problem fulfilling them. Getting past these requirements will thrust you into the near-perfect betting experience that Betway offers.

Get £30 in Free Bets On Betway >

3. Betfair

Betfair Welcome Bonus

Football lovers know what Betfair is, as well as the magnitude of this name on the betting landscape. Betfair is, simply put, a betting giant, sponsoring popular leagues and the Real Madrid football club. That’s where you first saw this brand, right? If so, you’re not the only one.

Now, we know you’re thirsty for some risk-free bets and this bookie knows that as well. That’s why it offers you up to £100 as a reward. No, we didn’t add any zeros by accident, by the way.

To get this humongous bonus, you need to be located in the UK or Ireland and use a promo code ZBBC01. We automatically apply this promo code if you click on the button below. All you have to do is register, deposit, and enjoy your bonus. Let’s review the bonus conditions.

If you want to get a maximum bonus of £100, you’ll need to deposit £50. Then, place 5 x £10 single bets, with the odds of each bet being at least 1.5 (1/2). Once the bet is settled, you get £100. Needless to say, you can do this once, with a £10 bet. In that case, you’ll get £20 in free bets. Oh, and there are no wagering requirements – hell yeah!

Get £100 in Free Bets On Betfair >

4. William Hill

William Hill Welcome Bonus

Did your grandpa enjoy betting during his young age? Chances are that he loved William Hill because this bookmaker exists for almost 100 years! William Hill’s website isn’t the prettiest, which we mentioned in our review of it. However, we can’t dispute the sheer power of this bookie.

If you’re a new customer, you’ll enjoy your bonus of £30 in free bets. To get it, you need to sign up using the promo code P30, place a qualifying bet with the stake of £10, and once the bet is settled, you get your free bets.

The important thing to mention is that the qualifying bet is with the odds of 1.5 (1/2) or greater, and that, once again, the promo code is automatically applied. So, if you’re interested in this bonus, just click on the button below, register, follow the steps and get it.

Since there are no wagering requirements, you can withdraw your free-bet-related winnings any time you want.

Claim your £30 in Free Bets On William Hill >

5. BetVictor

BetVictor Welcome Bonus

Talking about old-school bookmakers, BetVictor is just a decade younger than William Hill. What did the bookmaker achieve during this time? To be honest – quite a lot. It managed to end up as one of the best UK bookies, offering decent odds, a multitude of betting markets, and decent promotions.

If you’re interested in getting free bet offers on BetVictor, pay close attention. Unlike other bookies, BetVictor requires you to deposit just £5 and place a qualifying bet at the odds of 2.00 (1/1) or more. Once the bet is settled, you get 2 x £10 in free bets. The trick here is that you can use them only on set events, with the odds of 2.00 or above.

There’s a silver lining, and that’s the fact that you get £10 more as a casino bonus. Both bonuses expire in 7 days, so be quick, bet on some matches, wager your casino bonus, and enjoy what BetVictor has to offer!

Get 2x£10 in Free Bets On BetVictor >

6. Unibet

Unibet Welcome Bonus

Unibet is an epitome of a betting site. When you visit it, the white-green combination of colors will pop-up in your face, immediately telling you that you’re going to enjoy betting. If you ask us, green color is the color of betting, that’s why you see green all around this text.

Here, you get a pretty decent Sports free bet, no deposit offer if you’re from the UK. It’s a money-back offer, up to £40. To get it, you need to place a qualifying bet with the stake of at least £1, and with the odds of 1.40 (2/5) or greater. It can be a single bet or a multiple bet, in which case the odds will be the same for each leg.

Also, bets on horse racing, trotting, and greyhounds do NOT count. Should you get a £40 bonus, the wagering requirements will apply. Unibet requires you to wager your bonus 3 times to withdraw bonus-related winnings. For instance, if you get £40, you need to bet £150 to complete the requirements.

Get a Money-Back Up To £40 On Unibet >

7. MansionBet

MansionBet Free Bet

MansionBet is a user-friendly online bookie that does a lot of things right. Apart from numerous promotions and intuitive betting experience, it offers very decent free bets offers. You’ll surely enjoy betting here, especially when you get your £20 in free bets. Let’s talk more about the conditions of this reward.

The bookmaker requires a minimum deposit of £10 to be made. Then, you need to stake these £10 on a qualifying bet with the odds of at least 2.0 (1/1) or greater. This can be a single bet, or in the case of a multiple bet, each leg needs to be 1.2 (1/5) or more.

When the initial bet is settled, you get £5 in free bets. This free bet has the same conditions as your deposit. Place a qualifying bet once again and you’ll get an additional £15 once it’s settled. Needless to say, you need to be from the UK to qualify for free bets and you must use a credit/debit card. No wagering requirements apply.

Enjoy a £20 Free Bet Bonus On MansionBet >

8. Betfred

Betfred Welcome Bonus

Betfred is yet another old-school bookmaker that offers a plethora of sports and promotions for new and frequent players. To entice its loyal players to keep betting, it gives some pretty decent free bet offers that you should check out.

For the start, you need to be from the UK to get a free bet offer. Users will have to register with the promo code FOOTBALL40 and deposit money using a debit card. Should you decide to do so, we will automatically apply your free bet bonus code if you click the button below. That way, you’ll instantly get your free bets when you place a qualifying bet.

Now, about the qualifying bet. The minimum required deposit is £10, which you’ll use to place a bet on the odds of at least 2.00 (1/1) or greater. The free football bets need to be placed strictly on football and not any other sports. Upon settling the qualifying bet, you get £30 in free bets, and if your bet loses, you get additional £10.

This results in a whopping £40 to play with, with NO wagering requirements.

Get £30 in Free Bets On Betfred >

9. 10Bet

10Bet Welcome Bonus 1

10Bet is easily one of our favorite bookmakers out there, mainly because of the overall betting experience and competitive odds. However, when it comes to free bets, the bookie does things a bit differently, which some of you may not like. Still, the offer is good, so we decided to put it on the list.

Sportsbook players will get up to £50 in free bets for a qualifying deposit, not bet. To explain it better, you just need to deposit £15 and you’ll get up £50 as a bonus. Logically, this method of rewarding brings with itself a few more conditions in the form of wagering requirements.

At 10Bet, you’ll have to wager both your deposit AND free bets 6 times, to be able to withdraw your winnings. For instance, you deposit £15, get £15 in free bets, and then, you wager £30 * 6 = £180.

Although the bonus is generous, the wagering requirements might turn some players off. That’s why 10Bet took the ninth spot and didn’ make it to our top 5 choices.

Get Up To £50 in Free Bets On 10bet >

10. Bwin

Bwin Welcome Bonus

Lastly, we have Bwin, a very interesting online bookie in the UK. It isn’t in our top-ten bookies’ list but nevertheless, it’s a solid choice for those who don’t expect a whole lot.

It doesn’t offer the best free bet bonus but with no wagering requirements, you’ll easily get your winnings. To be eligible for a free bet offer, you must be from the UK and over 18 years old. The minimum eligible deposit is £10 because the minimum stake at the qualifying bet is also £10.

When you deposit, place a qualifying bet at the odds of 2.0 (1/1) or greater. If a bet wins, you get the winnings. If not, you get £10 back as a free bet. Basically, this is just another money-back free bet offer.

But, in this scenario, it’s better to win than to actually get the bonus. The odds of 2.0 will multiply with £10, resulting in a £20 win, whereas, if you get £10, you just got your money back.

Free Bets – How Do They Work?

Free bets are a very common offer on many online bookmakers, not just those in the UK. The reason behind their popularity is that they’re very easy to get, and in the majority of cases, there isn’t a boatload of conditions attached to them. More about that in just a minute.

This type of reward can work in a couple of ways. In short, you get the stake from the bookmaker you register on, meaning that the bet is “free.” As an example, we can use the popular £10 qualifying stake. 888Sport gives a £30 bonus.

You can then use this bonus to place bets but you only get potential winnings and not the stake. For example, if you place £10 on the odds of 1.5, you get £15. You gave £10, you got £15, so you’re just £5 in the plus.

Another type of reward is the risk-free bet. We mentioned a couple of bookies that offer this to the new customers. The last bookie we mentioned is Bwin and it’s a prime example of a risk-free bet.

Here, you need to deposit £10 and place a qualifying bet. If your bet wins, you get the money you won but you don’t get the bonus. If it loses, you get your stake back. That’s a risk-free bet because it’s a win-win situation.

Lastly, you can get your free bet as if you’d get bonus cash on online casinos. 10Bet is a prime example of that. Here, you deposit £15 and get £50 as a reward with no betting. In this case, the wagering requirements will apply, and once they’re completed, you get to withdraw bonus-related winnings.

Conditions Attached to Free Bets

Unlike free spins on online casinos, free bets are much easier to wager (in most cases) and they come with much “easier” conditions to fulfill. Let’s see what are the typical conditions you can expect to find related to this offer:

Minimum Required Stake

The stake here plays one of the major roles. Since free bets are usually granted to the new users, the minimum stake isn’t worth a whole fortune. It’s usually around £10, which is the minimum deposit on many UK online casinos and bookies.

In some cases, the minimum deposit will be £15 or £20, in which case, you’ll either get a larger bonus or a bonus without having to place a qualifying bet (10Bet).

Qualifying Bet

A qualifying bet is a bet that qualifies for a free bet. For instance, if a minimum stake is £10 and the qualifying bet is with the odds of 1.5 or above, you can’t place a bet on the odds of 1.2. Instead, you MUST place it on the odds that the bookmaker wants, and only then, you can get free bets.

Wagering Requirements

If you scroll back to the section where we explain how this reward works, you can see which of them have wagering requirements.

The first two types will not require you to wager anything. And if there are wagering requirements, they’ll usually be 1X. However, if you get free bets on your deposit, that’s where wagering requirements will come into play.

Luckily, they aren’t 30, 40, 50 times like on casinos, but 5 or 6.

Supported Deposit Methods

UK online casinos will impose certain limits when it comes to deposit methods. If you use Neteller and Skrill to deposit money, and you use that money on a qualifying bet, chances are that you won’t get it.

You’ll have to use credit/debit cards or PayPal, in most cases, to be eligible for this offer.

Time Limit

When you get a free bet, you have a certain period to spend/wager it. It can range from 7 days to one month, depending on the provider. If you don’t use your offer during that period, it will be removed from your account.

How Much Can I Earn Through Free Bets?

Before getting anything for free, think about this. Online bookmakers spin a lot of money on a daily basis. Logically, they have enough money to pay anyone who wins. If that’s the case, it means that at the end of the day, the house always wins, right?

We don’t want to prevent you from betting. In fact, if you love betting, do so, but responsibly. Expecting too much from free bets is pointless for one reason – it’s FREE. Bookmakers won’t give you an offer that will make you a millionaire because, after all, the owner still needs to earn some money, as well.

If we use as an example the stake of £10 and the odds of 2.00 (1/1), you’ll get just £20. Simply put, you win just £10 because you gave £10 to the bookmaker. However, there are two methods you can try and hopefully get more money.

You can either go for the higher odds of 5.00 and above. In this case, you’ll get £50. Or, you can ramp things up and play on the odds of 30.00 or greater. In this case, you’ll get £300, which is highly unlikely to happen, as the odds are too high.

At this point, we think you get it. Free bets are just a small pat on the back to continue betting on the site and you can’t win too much money unless you’re a betting expert or too lucky. We still thin that free bets are a mandatory part, as they’ll give you some leeway to bet on the higher odds, without the fear of losing your deposited money.


To wrap things up, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about free sports bets:

📱 Can I get a free bet on mobile?

Yes, you can, as long as you fulfill the conditions of a particular bookmaker. Some bookmakers even have exclusive offers for mobile users, so you don’t have to worry about not getting them on your mobile phone.

💰 Free bet no deposit – do they exist?

Yes, free bet no deposit rewards do exist but they’re very rare. If you find that offer, it will usually come with harsh wagering requirements and a turnover of 5, 6, 7, or more times, accompanied by the odds of 2.00 or more. We don’t recommend getting this offer because there are higher chances that you won’t successfully wager it.

❌ Why I can’t get a free bet?

Usually, because you’re not from the UK or Ireland. Every offer has a geo-restriction that you need to look out for. Generally speaking, this is the main reason why you can’t get a free bet but there might be some other issues as well. It’s best to contact customer support and try to iron them out.