Starspins Casino Review

Starspins Casino Review – Is It Worth Gambling On?

Starspins is yet another online casino owned by Gamesys, which follows a similar workflow to Heart Bingo. However, we’re talking about a casino-oriented website that has dozens of casino games and doesn’t promote bingo to a full extent. In theory, it should give its competition a run for its money, but let’s not make early judgments. Instead, let’s review Starspins Casino in-depth and see how good it actually is.

How to Register on Starspins Casino?

Okay, first things first. To start gambling on Starspins Casino, you’ll have to go through a very simple registration process. This way, you become a member of the website, which allows you to enjoy certain privileges.

Thankfully, everything is very simple on this site, and registering your account will be a two-minute job – or less! To begin, click on the registration button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Starspins Casino Register 1

Once you do that, a new page will open, where you have to fill the necessary information. Which information? Well, here you go:

Starspins Casino Register 2

We can immediately see that it’s very similar to Heart Bingo, as the registration process on that casino is basically the same. However, this is an in-depth review regarding Starspins, so we’ll go over it again. You’ll need to enter your email address, title, full name, date of birth, and gender.

Beware that this information is necessary, so make sure to enter it correctly, without any mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble verifying your account. When you’re done, click Next Step.

Starspins Casino Register 3

The following step is dead simple. You need to come up with a unique username and password. Make sure your password is strong enough to prevent your friends or family from busting into your account. That probably won’t happen, but hey… you never know!

Starspins Casino Register 4

For the end, you need to provide more personal information, such as your address and phone number. That’s nothing to worry about, as Starspins Casino makes everything very easy. Simply type your postcode and it’ll give you several addresses, of which one should be yours.

Just click on it and fill the rest of the blank fields. These include the security question and the last two options that are optional, so you can leave them blank.

Starspins Casino Register 5

To finalize the registration process, tick the box that confirms that you’re over 18 years old. If you’re not, remember, you aren’t allowed to gamble on Starspins. Gambling underage is a criminal offense, hence you want to avoid any legal issues.

When you’re done, click Join Now and everything is finished – voila!

Verification Process – What Do You need?

Some online casinos in the UK won’t require instant verification. They’ll allow you to roam the site, explore it, see what games it offers, etc, etc. On Starspins Casino, however, that’s not the case as we’ve seen during our review and test.

As soon as your account is made, Starspins Casino will require you to prove your identity and genuineness. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a security measure that helps the casino protect itself from frauds and money laundering.

Starspins Casino Verification

Here’s what the casino has to say about this process. In short, if you fail to verify your account, it has the right to ban you from the website and forbid further attempts of registration. To prevent this from happening, read carefully what’s said in the image above.

First, you need to verify your identity with a passport, driving license, or national ID. Make sure your photo is visible, as well as your date of birth and full name. Next, to verify your address, provide a photo of your utility bill or bank statement not older than a few months.

When you complete these steps, Starspins Casino will let you gamble freely. In some cases, you may be required to verify your payment method. But, from our experience while doing this Starspins Casino review, that didn’t happen. Withdrawing a lot of money will probably trigger this event, though!

Starspins Casino Welcome Bonus – Is It Generous?

Starspins Casino Welcome Bonus

To start off your gambling journey, you need proper motivation. And no, not a pat on the back from your buddy, but some money, you know… The UK online casinos are often very generous, giving you some compensation for your registration.

In this case, we’re talking about 30 free spins that you can get if you play £10 on any of the games. Sounds simple, huh? Well, let’s check the other conditions and find out more about the bonus.

Starspins Casino Welcome Bonus 2

To get a bonus, your account on Starspins must be verified. Also, you must deposit at least £10, wager £10 more, and finally, get your 30 free spins. Each spin comes with a 1p coin size and is meant for two slot games – Secrets of the Phoenix or Double Bubble.

As we can see wagering requirements for your spins don’t exist if you don’t count in the initial wagering. Starspins Casino will give you a bonus AFTER you wager £10, so every win from these 30 spins is yours to take.

We like this approach because it immediately takes the burden off your back. You wager your deposit, get a bonus, and do with it whatever you want. And since there are one-time wagering requirements here, you should have no problem fulfilling them.

Starspins Casino Promotions – Are There Some?

Starspins Casino Promotions

When first accessing the website, we thought that there are no promotions. After typing “Starspins Casino promotions” in the search engine, that’s when this page just popped up, boasting around 8 promotions in total.

That seems quite fair. 8 promotions, if they’re good enough, should be enough for frequent users to take advantage of different offers and rewards. As is the case with Heart Bingo, not every promotion here is a “real” promotion and you can see that in the image above.

This “Staying in Control” promotion is here to remind you to play responsibly, for example. That’s a great thing to do, but not in this section. Nevertheless, let’s check out a few promotions we liked the most while doing this Starspins Casino review, in order to see if they’re competitive enough.

Starspins Casino Promotions 2

The first promotion is called “Casino Weekends“. What you need to do here is play any of the casino games each weekend and potentially unlock Box Bonanza games worth of £50 each.

Before that, you need to opt-in for the promotion, spend £30 or more on any game, and you’ll enter the prize draw. We don’t like that there’s only one entry to the prize draw for the weekend. They could’ve let you take two or three spots, depending on how much money you’ve spent.

Starspins Casino Promotions 3

Another promotion worth mention is this Spin of the Tiger one. If you don’t know what the word tiger means here, it’s the game provider Red Tiger, that makes awesome slot games.

Luckily, Starspins Casino puts emphasis on them, letting you take one of 50 Box Bonanza games on a weekly basis by playing these games. To make matters better, you need to play only £10 and not £30, making it easier to opt-in.

By the way, this promotion lets you smash the Daily Double Jackpots, and as a bonus, another £25 in a Box Bonanza game.

Starspins Casino Promotions 4

The last promotion we want to talk about is about referring a friend. It’s nothing new or unique but it’s useful if you and your friends want to gamble on the same site. In that case, you can refer your friend, let him fulfill the wagering requirements, and get the £20 reward.

There are a few more conditions for this promotion but we won’t get into them in this review. Feel free to visit the site and find out more about it.

All in all, you should be satisfied with the offers if you’re not a too demanding player. If you are, we found Grand Ivy Casino to be a much better option.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods and Limits

Starspins Casino Payment Methods

Withdrawing and depositing money to your Starspins Casino account should be very simple given the availability of payment methods. Let us make something clear – you don’t get an array of them, but some of the most popular ones are here.

We do prefer options like Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly, and sadly, they’re not available. But, with options like credit/debit cards, Paysafecard, and PayPal, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Starspins Casino Payment Methods 2

This is the exact list of all supported payment methods. As we can see, a majority of them are credit/debit cards, with PayPal being the only E-wallet. Apple Pay is also here, and if you’re an iOS/macOS user, you can use it safely.

Starspins Casino Payment Methods 3

The minimum deposit on Starspins Casino si £10 and deposits are instant. Maximum deposits differ from method to method and are the highest for debit cards and Apple Pay – £20,000. PayPal users will enjoy a maximum deposit of £5,000, while Paysafecard users get to deposit only £750.

Starspins Casino Payment Methods 4

What about withdrawals? Things work a bit differently here. You have the same payment methods but withdrawal times aren’t instant. The minimum withdrawal is £10 and the maximum withdrawal per transaction is £25,000 for credit/debit cards, £10,000 for Paysafecard, and £5,500 for PayPal.

Obviously, PayPal is the worst of the bunch in this regard, albeit, we still recommend it. The reason behind this lies in withdrawal times. When using PayPal, you can withdraw your money in 4 to 24 hours, while credit/debit cards take up to 24 hours.

Most importantly, there are no withdrawal or deposit fees, which is always welcome.

Starspins Casino Game Variety & Software

With all the boring, but important stuff out of the way, it’s time to see in this review how good Starspins Casino is in terms of games and software. Let’s talk about software first. As mentioned in the review, the casino has a website and two apps – for iOS and Android.

The website is pretty good, very intuitive, and works flawlessly even on low-end devices. We like its aesthetics, too, with a black background that keeps your eyesight sharp. Overall, the site is pretty simple and that’s mostly because there aren’t many features and games.

Oh, we already mentioned games? We’re going ahead of ourselves but don’t worry – we’ll talk about everything! In total, there are around 250 games here, give or take. The number is far from being impressive, especially when compared to Mansion Casino with 450+ titles.

Nonetheless, you can still play popular games here and they look and play well, thanks to an array of quality game providers behind them.


Starspins Casino Slots

Of 250 titles available on this site, around 200 of them are slots. That’s not a bad thing if you enjoy this type of game because Starspins Casino includes some of the best titles available.

We’re talking about the likes of Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Arcane Reel Chaos, Aztec  Bonanza, and dozens of them. The main question is – what is the average RTP (Return to Player) for slots?

Our calculations showed that the maximum RTP is around 98.2%, with the minimum RTP somewhere around 92%. When combined, you get around 95%, which is a bit lower than average.

Table & Card Games

Starspins Casino Table Games

Table & card games are on the site as well, but they don’t get much attention. It’s a shame that there are only 12 of them and we’re not even talking about popular titles. For example, there’s 10p Roulette, European Roulette, and Phoenix Roulette.

No mention of French roulette, which is for many, the best variation of this game. Phoenix Roulette, on the brighter side, offers a huge jackpot and so does Phoenix Blackjack.

Blackjack games aren’t abundant either, with titles like Multihand Blackjack, Blackjack Remastered, and Blackjack Match being available. Other games include Nice Dice, Keno, Hi-Lo, and Hit Me Baccarat.

It’s really some basic stuff, with an average RTP of around 98.5%, which is actually pretty good. A part of that can be contributed to blackjack that usually has a 99.9% RTP.

Free Games on Starspins Casino

Starspins Casino Free Games

Like some free games? Good. Starspins Casino includes four of them and they’re allegedly free until you start reading the conditions behind them. Each game requires you to have at least £10 in your account, which kinda makes these “free” games pointless.

However, if you want to gamble for fun at a particular moment, you can jump right into them and enjoy without losing money. Just to make it clear, these are free slots games, so don’t expect something extravagant.

Game Providers

Despite having a poor game variety, the games located on Starspins Casino are of great quality. The reason for that is the sheer number of game providers that make the games come to life.

Some of them are Red Tiger, Scientific Gaming, Eyecon, Blueprint, IGT, Novomatic, Gamesys, and NetEnt. These are really some of the best providers on the market, offering HD graphics and intuitive interface for all platforms.

You’ve noticed that NetEnt is here, which should mean that you can expect some live games. Is that the case? Read this Starspins Casino review further to find out!

Starspins Casino Mobile Gaming Experience

Starspins Casino Mobile

A majority of players in the UK do their gambling on a mobile phone. Quite frankly, we do it too, especially when we’re busy or travel around. Did you know that UK players also use more iPhones than Android devices?

For that reason, many online casinos in the UK optimize their apps primarily for iOS/macOS systems. That’s the case with Starspins Casino as well, which is why its iOS app is rated pretty well. It has 4.4 stars on both Apple Store and Google Play, implying that the app is somewhat decent.

Our experience with the app was pretty positive, from intuitiveness to different functions that appear on the PC version of the site. For instance, you can play all types of games, with some of the games missing. This is normal for mobile platforms, by the way.

Also, the Starspins Casino app lets you access your banking options and deposit/withdraw money directly from your phone. You can also contact the support team right from the app and take advantage of the same promotions.

Sadly, there’s no additional bonus for mobile users, but that’s okay given that all players are treated equally. Now, which app is better? iOS or the Android version? We’d say that both of them are pretty good as they feel and look identical.

Whatever your platform is, you’ll enjoy using the apps. These apps can’t cover all the downsides of this casino, meaning that Mansion Casino’s app is a much better choice, so we recommend it instead.

Starspins Live Casino – How Good is It?

Did someone mention a live casino? Well, Starspins Casino definitely didn’t.

Or it did when the customer support team made it clear to us that they don’t plan to include this section of the website. In other words, you won’t find any live casino games on this website, which is, for us, a big downside.

Live casino games are very fun to play, and many times, users make their biggest winnings exactly here. If you’re a die-hard casino lover, guess what – you won’t be happy to play and gamble on this website.

A much better choice in this regard is Grosvenor Casinos, with its exceptional live casino section and LOTS of different games. There are even live casino promotions that will spice up your daily gambling against a live dealer.

How Fair and Secure is Starspins Casino?

Starspins Casino Security

Despite all the flaws and shortcomings, a UK online casino can still be safe and secure. To determine if it’s really safe, we need to inspect its parent company. As we said, the parent company of Starspins Casino is Gamesys and the company behind this casino is called Profitable Play.

Basically, Profitable Play is Starspins Casino and Gamesys is its parent company. Gamesys is a well-known company based in Gibraltar, with several gambling operators under its ownership.

One of them is Heart Bingo, a relatively popular option in the UK. Being from this country, the casino has a license from the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner as well as a UKGC license to be able to operate in the UK.

Responsible gambling companies are here, too, including BeGambleAware and Gamstop. Both of these aim to protect addicted gamblers from losing more money as a result of excessive gambling.

The site’s security is governed by Thawte, which is one of the best companies in this regard, introducing 128-bit SSL encryption for added security. This means that your payments and personal information are safe and accessible only to the site’s staff.

Lastly, we aren’t sure about its RTP analysis. eCOGRA might be behind it, but we aren’t sure because Starspins Casino doesn’t mention it anywhere. Despite this, Starspins is still a safe, secure, and fair casino, as indicated by its UK gambling commission license.

Loyalty Program

Another downside of this casino is that it doesn’t have a loyalty program. Its counterparts, including Heart Bingo, all have a loyalty scheme, which makes us wonder – why it isn’t here?

We don’t know the exact reason, but we can confirm that this is what will retract many demanding gamblers from betting on this site. For that reason, we recommend 888Casino. Its loyalty program is pretty good and you get great rewards, depending on your level of loyalty.

Starspins Casino Customer Support

Starspins Casino Support

Support at Starspins Casino is pretty decent, although far from the best in the UK. You can contact it using either an email form or live chat, where live chat is much faster and is our recommended option.

Through live chat, Starspins Casino will respond in about 30 seconds or one minute, depending on how busy it is. Support team members are pleasant to talk to, their knowledge base is great, and they’ll help you with basic issues.

For more serious issues, email support is here but it’s a bit slower. You can expect to get an answer in two to four hours, and sometimes, in half an hour, which once again, depends on how busy it is.

So far, we have no complaints about support. Everything was working just fine while doing this Starspins Casino review and test.

Conclusion – Should You Play on It?

Starspins Casino is a solid choice for players who aren’t very demanding and have almost no expectations of their first gambling experience. The reason we said first is that most newcomers will enjoy this site because they don’t know whether it’s exceptional or bad.

However, in the UK, there are much better options that do many things better than this online casino. In our Starspins review, we praised it for intuitiveness, great mobile apps, and fast withdrawals. Everything else is pretty much average of below.

There aren’t live casino games, the table games selection is poor, and you don’t get a loyalty program.

To digress, we don’t recommend playing on Starspins Casino, as it is not worth your time, even as a beginner.

For us, a vastly better solution is Mansion Casino that fills in all the gaps and provides a much better gambling experience overall. This is also our favorite online casino in the UK.


Let’s add more value to our review by answering some of the important questions regarding Starspins Casino.

Who owns Starspins Casino?

The company behind this casino is Gamesys, a gambling operator that owns more casinos, such as Heart Bingo, Virgin Games, Woman Bingo, and Fabulous Bingo.

How to withdraw from Starspins Casino?

To withdraw money from this site, visit your profile and see how much money you have. Then, if you have at least £10, choose the amount to withdraw and use the payment method you want.

You should get your money in a maximum of 48 hours if you’re using credit/debit cards. PayPal users can expect the transaction to be completed in 4 to 24 hours.

How do I claim a welcome bonus on Starspins Casino?

Claiming your welcome bonus is possible if you deposit at least £10 and wager £10 on any games on the website. Then, the casino will instantly reward you with the 30 free spins for selected slots games, with no wagering requirements.