Best Live Dealer Casinos

Best Live Online Casino with Real Dealers in the UK in 2021

Online casinos are all about making you feel like you’re in a real casino in Las Vegas from the comfort of your home. That’s why many people love playing live casinos, where real dealers participate. Thankfully, the UK is galore of these casinos, so you won’t have a problem finding the one you like. In this article, we’ll talk about best UK-based live online casinos with real dealers in 2021.

Best Live Dealer Online Casinos in 2021

Wanna play some live casino today? No problem. For those in a hurry, we made a special list of top 5 offerings in 2021 and we’re giving it to you NOW. The list is below:

1. Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is an undisputed champ in the world of online casinos and the best one if you’re looking for live dealers.

This company knows its business, as it’s cooperating with some of the best game providers in the world. The question is – did these providers make some of these live casino games? Oh, yes, they did! Just take a look at the image below:

Mansion Casino Live Casino

As you can see, they offer a substantial amount of roulettes, blackjacks, and a couple of types of baccarat. The great thing about this casino is its welcome bonus. If you decide to play live casino, you can expect up to £5,000 of bonus cash.

Unlike when you play your normal casino or baccarat, here, you get way higher bonuses. On your first deposit, you’ll get a 100% bonus up to £500. However, if you deposit £1,000 or more, you get a 50% bonus up to £5,000, which is simply majestic.

As for the live casino experience, it’s flawless. You have an intuitive interface, which is almost the same as if you were playing an ordinary casino. Here, however, you have a live dealer, for a more immersive experience.

With 31 dealers in total, you’ll have a lot to choose from. We liked Speed Roulette, Casino Hold’em Live, Baccarat, Soho Blackjack, and American Roulette. The last one is especially fun to play, as it’s basically a classic roulette that every casino fan knows how to play.

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2. The Grand Ivy

The Grand Ivy casino is among our top choices in 2021. This casino is known for its beautiful interface and hell of a time when playing it. We must give credit where credit is due and this time, it’s the game variety.

You’ll find every possible game here, from different types of blackjacks to baccarat and roulette. When it comes to their live casino department, you can expect a great number of dealers for these types of games. Which is why this platform is one of the best in 2021.

The Grand Ivy Live Casino

Fans of blackjack will be happy to know that there are 98 dealers available at any moment. Although there are just 11 dealers for live roulette, 14 dealers for baccarat aren’t so bad. After all, baccarat is among the simplest live casino games, so you can play it when you want to relax.

When it comes to bonuses, The Grand Ivy is pretty generous, albeit, its 35 times wagering requirements aren’t the best. You get bonuses on the first 3 deposits, as well as some bonus spins that you can use. The first deposit is 100% up to £300, the second one is 25% up to £800, and the third one is 50% up to £400.

We like that the majority of games here are provided by Evolution Gaming. This is one of the best game providers, especially when it comes to live games. Finally, with table limits going as high as £75,000, it’s great for serious gamblers who like shooting at higher earnings.

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3. Grosvenor Casinos

If you’re from the UK, you’ve probably heard about Grosvenor Casinos. There’s a reason why this name is in the plural – because the company has a large casino chain in this country. Needless to say, the online casino department is very impressive, too. And they have some live casino games – what more to ask for?

There’s a plethora of live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker games. They offer 45 live blackjack dealers, 20 live roulette dealers, and 15 live baccarat dealers. Here’s a sneak peek at the games you can expect here:

Grosvenor Casinos Live Casino

Those who are married will want to play these alone because… well, some hot girls are dealers here. If you’re skilled enough, you can try and beat them. But, let us tell you something – they’ll probably wipe the floor with you!

As for the bonuses, Grosvenor isn’t the most generous. You get £20 as a bonus on your first deposit but at least, the wagering requirements are 5 times, so you’ll need to wager £100 to withdraw it. Grosvenor Casinos even included a payout leaderboard where you can earn some awards on a weekly basis.

Depending on how good you were or better said, how much luck you had, you can earn an iPhone (they didn’t tell which one). The second place earns a £500 Amazon voucher, while the five last places earn a £5 live casino bonus.

Since almost all games are provided by Evolution, you can expect them to be fun and easy to play.

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4. 888Casino

888Casino is a well-known name in the gambling world, so we don’t think it needs a special introduction. This casino exists for more than two decades and now, it’s among the top-rated ones in 2021.

That being said, you should have pretty high expectations here. When it comes to live blackjack, you get 60 dealers, 33 of them for live roulette, and 15 of them for live baccarat. There are other types of games, such as live poker, live games show, and for elitists, a special elite lounge. Here’s another sneak peek at what you can expect:

888 Live Casino

There are some pretty well-dressed girls but also some handsome men, for our female readers. The interface is intuitive and when you enter the game, you’ll truly feel like you’re sitting at a casino table in Las Vegas. Although the bonuses aren’t exactly the best, the gaming experience is sublime.

Right now, you can get a 100% welcome bonus up to £100, which is very modest. On top of that, the wagering requirements are 30 times. But, 888Casino works with some of the best game providers out there. Most of the live games here are provided by NetEnt, Playtech, and Evolution.

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5. Genesis Casino

Genesis Casino is already a well-known online casino in the UK. Aside from offering tons of games for passionate casino players, it also offers a great number of games for those who want to play live.

We like the website’s aesthetics and how well it presents you these games. Upon checking its live casino department (which is definitely one of the best), all of these games appear this way:

Genesis Casino Live Casino

There are even more of them below, so much so, that it’ll make your choice harder, to be honest. Different types of roulette, baccarat, blackjack, live poker and Texas Hold’em are only some of the games you’re going to find here.

The interface is very intuitive and we had no problem rolling the dice once we deposited our money. Speaking of money, do you get some of it as a welcome bonus? Yes. The live casino bonus is a bit different than the live bonus you get for playing normal games.

If you remember, Genesis had some pretty hefty bonuses but this time, that’s not the case. You get a 100% bonus, up to £100 and there are 40 times wagering requirements. That’s definitely not great. What is great, though, is that the casino works with galore of game providers.

Most of their live games are made by Evolution and Microgaming, and these two are, for us, one of the best providers in the business.

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How do Live Casinos Work?

If you ask a majority of human, they’ll tell you that they love gambling in any way, shape or form. Casinos are, without a doubt, one of the most populated buildings nowadays. People enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, pop a few drinks, and have fun while playing poker, baccarat, blackjack or roulette.

Today, we’re getting busier with our jobs and some of you even raise kids. For that reason, visiting a real-life casino isn’t always a go-to choice. As technology progressed, people came up with the idea of live casinos.

Long story short, live casinos work the same way as the real-life ones. The main reason for that is the presence of a real dealer but also the ability to interact with him/her. When participating in this game, you see and hear everything.

You see the dealer as he/she flips the cards, rolls the dices, you hear casino sounds or see the wheel spinning if you’re playing roulette. Furthermore, our quality internet networks allow us to participate in games that are being played at some remote location.

The game could be played, for example, in one of the Grosvenor Casinos, and you, while sitting home, can participate. To us, the greatest thing about live casinos is that, in many cases, you don’t have to download any apps.

Simply open your web browser, type in the casino’s address, log in to your account, and start playing.

What are the Advantages of Live Dealer Online Casinos?

If you can enjoy a normal online casino party, why would you go for a live one? Well, just think about this – would you rather play a match against an AI or a real opponent? If you ask us, we would rather enjoy a more authentic casino experience, rather than waiting on a computer to flip the cards or do whatever is needed.

Let’s see what are the benefits of live casinos when compared to normal online games:

Immersive Experience

Playing any kind of game without being immersed in it is a waste of time. Go read a book or stare at the sun. When playing a live casino game, there’s no way you aren’t going to get immersed in it. These games come straight from the land-based casinos and you can access them with a few clicks from your laptop, desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

Furthermore, depending on the game you play, you can interact with your buddies. You can chat, talk, and even interact with the dealer. All in all, it’s a captivating experience that will make you come back for more.

Hundred-Percent Fairness

Since you’re basically streaming a distant game, there’s 100% fairness. You see the dealer, you see what he/she does, and everything that’s happening on the table. Plus, there aren’t any random number generators because the dealer does all the job.

Needless to say, safety and security are on point. No one will steal your money or rig any game. What you win is yours – if you manage to win it!

Special Live Casino Bonuses

You saw that some of the casinos we mentioned above offer special bonuses for playing live. When you visit your local casino, you won’t find these bonuses. Actually, you’ll get zero bonuses AND you’ll have to pay a drink!

Here, each dealer offers some kind of promotion for rewarding newcomers. If you love playing at high stakes, dealers also offer special VIP rooms for those who want to pump some bloody adrenaline with high bets.


Live dealer games can be played 24/7. If you wake up at 3 AM and you can’t sleep, you can still play some games. When compared to land-based solutions, you’ll have to drive your car, consume some fuel, and waste additional time.

Although the experience is more immersive in real life, live casinos do a decent job of making it as realistic as possible from your home.

What Games Can You Play?

Don’t think that live casinos are, in any way, inferior to classic online casinos. The most popular games are still here and if you’re wondering what games we’re talking about, keep reading below:

Live Poker

Who doesn’t like some good, old-school poker? This is a game mostly based on your skill. You see many skilled poker players taking millions of dollars a month, which just speaks about the seriousness of this game.

Luckily, you don’t have to sit around with tons of people who sometimes drink and smoke like crazy. Instead, you can lay on your bed, drink some coffee, and enjoy playing. The great thing about live poker is that you don’t play against opponents but against the dealer. In short, the goal is to beat the dealer, which is bloody hard!

When it comes to this game, there are variations such as Side Bet City, Ultimate Texas Hold’em or Three-Card Poker. These games are mostly made by Evolution, which is a respectable name in this industry.

Live Roulette

If you want to test your luck, you can play some Russian roulette. Just kidding! The live roulette rocks and is one of the most popular live games. Those who love interacting with some attractive women will love it. These women, sometimes men, are professional that spin the wheel and announce the winners.

You get tons of camera angles to choose from, so you can see if this little stubborn ball stopped at your numbers. Among the many types of roulette, the most popular are American, European, and French roulettes.

The game providers that make live roulettes are usually NetEnt, Evolution, and Extreme Live Gaming.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a great game for relaxing after a long day at work. It’s one of the simplest games, therefore, it’s great for beginners. If we talk about the popularity of live games, this is probably among the top 3.

The great thing is that you can play it 24/7, with top-grade professional dealers, live chat, multi-angle cameras, and different bet sizes. Baccarat has a couple of variants, such as EZ baccarat, mini-baccarat, and Dragon Tiger.

Evolution is the company that, in most cases, hosts these games. Because of that, you can expect a smooth gaming experience and tons of fun.

Game Shows

The Dice is Cast – as Caesar said. We mentioned this quote because you’ll be doing a lot of dice casting and wheel spinning here. Game shows are also great for testing your luck, and although they’re sometimes hard to win money, you’ll have a great time participating.

Some of the most popular games here are Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, and Deal or No Deal Live. We like Dream Cather the most, as it has a big money-filled wheel with lots of prizes and rewards. You just have to spin it and voila – see whatcha got!

These games are different than the classic table and roulette-based games, which is great for breaking the monotony. They’re also made by Evolution, in most cases.

Live Blackjack

What kind of a gambler are you if you haven’t played blackjack?! The live version of this game is simply phenomenal and as you saw in our list, almost all of the casinos offered large numbers of blackjack dealers.

However, if you aren’t an experienced player, you’ll have a hard time keeping up with the dealer. He counts the cards very quickly and tries to keep the action rolling. Everything is happening at a fast pace, making the beginners lose a lot of money sometimes.

On the flip side, dealers are very friendly, communicative and will ease your jitters in a second. We like the special Blackjack Party, where you get to talk with the dealers about different topics and trends. As for the types of blackjack, you can expect early payout, common draw, infinite blackjack, and many other types.

All of these are provided by NetEnt, Lucky Streak, and Evolution mostly.

What Should You Look for in Live Casinos?

Before registering on an online casino, you should look for these things:


The most important things are safety and security. The casino should be verified and it should have pretty good reviews online. Also, it needs to have some form of encryption, such as 128-bit SSL encryption for keeping your personal info safe.

Casinos from our list above all tick these requirements, so you don’t have to worry. They are the best ones in 2021!

Game Variety

Game variety is the next important thing. You want your casino to have as many games as possible, so you can switch up if you get tired of any particular game.

Gaming Experience

While playing games, you should quite literally forget about everything else. They should suck you in and allow you to relax. Look for casinos with live games in HD quality that offer friendly dealers, tons of betting options, and camera angles, for a more immersive experience.


Welcome bonuses and promotions are important for keeping you around. It’s a matter of personal preference but some casinos simply aren’t good in this department. We chose the best ones for you and now, it’s up to you to see which bonuses will fit your needs.

Mobile/Tablet Compatibility

If you’re a mobile player, mobile and tablet compatibility is very important for you. Luckily, the platforms we listed above have flawless apps/websites for your iOS and Android devices.

Payment Options

Finally, when you win something, you’ll want some of that sweet, juicy cash. Look for casinos that offer tons of payment methods and not so hefty fees so that you can receive a huge percent of your winnings.

Best Live Casino Game Providers

Before we digress, here are some of the best live casino game providers:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • NetEnt
  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Lucky Streak
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Ezugi


Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

? Can I play live casino games for free?

It’s very hard to find live casino games that let you play for free. However, as we speak, a growing number of casinos consider including this option. Right now, you can play automated games for free, as you’ll receive virtual cash, so you can test out different games and see how they work.

? Do live dealers support mobile platforms?

Yes, although not every casino offers this option. Thanks to player demand, we can now enjoy live poker, blackjack, and roulette on smartphones/tablets. But, once again, keep in mind that you’re playing on a much smaller screen, which can potentially hinder your experience.

? Do I need special software for playing live casino games?

No, in most cases, you don’t need any kind of software. You can play live casino games from your web browser, both on your mobile and desktop platforms.