Mr Green Gets a £3m Fine for Not Protecting Gambling Addicts

Mr Green Fine

Gambling is a pretty serious thing that can lead to significant financial losses if not done responsibly. That’s why all online bookmakers and casinos in the UK have a special “Responsible Gambling” section. Here, various companies aim to protect and prevent people from getting addicted to this, seemingly, dangerous hobby.

When an online gambling operator fails to do so, it’s usually met with sharp and harsh criticism, often leading to some excruciating fines. Mr Green, a well-known online casino and bookmaker, recently failed to protect several gambling addicts, to which the UKGC reacted quickly.

Just to remind you, Mr Green is owned by the William Hill company, which stands as one of the most popular online bookmakers.

What Mr Green did was allowing a bettor to gamble his £50,000 win and deposit thousands of pounds more. Logically, this is a prime example of gambling addiction that the UKGC tries to stop.

Furthermore, the gambling operator did a poor job of verifying its new customers. Allegedly, one of the players managed to slip by its money-laundering protection with a rather simple trick. He showed the source of his funds by displaying a laptop screen, showing his cryptocurrency account in dollars.

Mr Green didn’t do any further investigation and let the player start gambling.

To make matters worse, this isn’t the first time that this company faced serious legal consequences. Since 2018 when the United Kingdom Gambling Commission started its crackdown, Mr Green is the ninth gambling operator to face legal action.

As a result, all of the gambling companies paid their fines that together cross the £20m limit.

After this relevant discovery, Richard Watson, executive director of the UKGC, shared some thoughts. He said that the commission uncovered errors in AML controls and poor social responsibility that had an impact on numerous customers who register on Mr Green online casino.

The Aftermath

So, what happened with Mr Green later on? Did it continue working?

Nothing. The online casino continued working with full force after dealing with the aforementioned issues. The gambling commission, interestingly, inspected 120 players that spent the most money on the website.

And surprisingly, 113 of them were banned because they didn’t comply with the anti-money-laundering rules of the website. The money that Mr Green owns will be redirected to the National Strategy in order to prevent gambling problems and addiction that many gamblers may encounter.

This was the initiative between health services, the gambling industry, and charities, aimed at preventing similar issues from happening again.

More About Mr Green Online Casino

Mr Green online casino was, up until this point, a trustworthy option that many UK gamblers enjoyed. With recent findings, though, we aren’t informed of its player base, but as we speak, it functions normally, without any issues.

The casino is known for its generous welcome bonus, lots of promotions, and tons of enticing games to play. In fact, we did a comprehensive review of Mr Green online casino, so if you’re interested in that, be sure to check it out.

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