Best PayPal Casinos

Best UK Online Casino That Accepts PayPal for Deposit and Withdrawal

When it comes to e-wallets, PayPal is definitely a go-to option for many people. PayPal can be used for online shopping but also for online casinos. It’s easy to create an account and transferring your money can be done in a couple of clicks. Almost every online casino supports this method but not every casino has the same fees, withdraw/deposit limits, and waiting times. We’re going to compare them and see which United Kingdom casino takes advantage of PayPal the best.

Best PayPal Online Casinos in the UK – Our Top 5 Picks

If you don’t want to give out your credit card data and instead, you want to use PayPal, have no worries. There are tons of online casinos in the UK that support this payment method. Without further ado, we’ll present you our top 5 choices in this regard:

1. Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is one of the oldest and the best online casinos in the UK. It’s founded in 2004 and since then, it started reigning supreme in the gambling world.

People from the UK love this casino because of its game variety, hefty welcome bonuses, and the ease of use. If you’ve read our Top 10 list, you know that Mansion Casino is the absolute winner.

Needless to say, the casino supports PayPal deposits and withdrawals. For this payment method, they offer instant deposit time and no deposit fees, which is great. On top of that, the minimum deposit is £10, while the minimum withdrawal is £20. We like that you can withdraw up to £15,000 a month, which is some serious money.

Mansion Casino Payment

In case you decide to cash out your winnings, you can expect them to be on your account in about 24/72 hours. It’s not perfect but given how safe and secure Mansion Casino is, we can’t complain. It also gives you a welcome bonus of 100%, up to £200, alongside 5 times wagering requirements.

At least, you’re definitely going to win something. And winning more than one pound is better than losing – right?

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2. Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos are ever-present in the UK, both as land-based objects and online casinos. That’s very cool because you can enjoy your favorite casino from the comfort of your home. As is the case with the previous casino, this one offers decent welcome bonuses.

You get a 100% welcome bonus if you deposit £20. So, when you deposit £20, you get an additional £20, resulting in a total of £40 to play with. The wagering requirements of 5 times are here to make sure that you get something in return. In case you wipe the floor with the opponents, one of the ways you can get your money is with PayPal.

Grosvenor Casinos Payment

How does Grosvenor Casinos utilize it? In one word – flawlessly!

The casino lets you deposit up to £5,000 when using PayPal, with the minimum deposit being £10, which is great for beginners. The deposit time is instant and they don’t charge any fees which is key to be considered among the best. Interestingly, the minimum withdrawal is also £10 with a maximum withdrawal being £15,000.

Although it takes from 3 to 7 working days for the cash-out to be successful, it’s still more than decent. After all, it’s all about safely getting your money from point A to point B and not getting it faster.

With all of this being said, Grosvenor is definitely one of the best casinos for doing deposits or withdrawals through PayPal.

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3. Play Ojo

Play Ojo

Play Ojo isn’t always our go-to option for players in the United Kingdom but it does a lot of things right. First of all, this is a relatively new casino, founded in 2017.

As such, it has a unique approach to bonuses and withdrawing your winnings. Although it doesn’t offer any money-based welcome bonuses, there aren’t any wagering requirements, so everything you win is yours to take.

With just 50 free spins on Rich Wilde and the Book of the Dead, the casino doesn’t seem too generous. But, if we look at its PayPal utilization, things start to change. Play Ojo lets you deposit as low as £10 but doesn’t put any limits in terms of maximum deposit, so you can slap as much money as you want.

Play Ojo Payment

The deposit time is instant and there aren’t fees. Although minimum and maximum PayPal withdrawals are £20 and £5,000 respectively, you get your money in 0 to 24 hours. That’s quite good! You choose to withdraw your money and before you know it, it’s waiting for you.

Not to mention that there aren’t cash-out fees, although you can expect PayPal to “take” some money away due to conversion rates.

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4. 888casino

888 Casino

888casino is a well-known worldwide (and the United Kingdom) casino with an intuitive interface, a wide array of games, and among the best gaming experiences.

As expected if we name it in this ranking of the best casinos, 888 supports PayPal, alongside some of the most popular payment methods. So, how does it work? Well, good, we would say.

The minimum PayPal deposit is £20, which is a bit higher for beginners. However, 888 offers a deposit limit of $3,000 a day, which is £90,000 or £93,000 a month – that’s quite a lot. When using this payment method, the deposit time is instant and you get no deposit fees.

888 Casino Payment

If we take a look at the minimum withdrawal, we can see that it’s £15, which doesn’t make sense, given that the maximum deposit is a bit higher. Nevertheless, PayPal users in the United Kingdom will be able to withdraw up to £30,000 a month with the cash-out time of 2 to 5 days if they manage to win something

Speaking of winning, 888casino has decent bonuses but also 30 times wagering requirements, meaning that you’ll need to play a LOT to be able to withdraw your bonus, even in the United Kingdom.

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5. The Sun Vegas

The Sun Vegas Casino

Last but not least, we have The Sun Vegas, a very popular and one of the best options in the UK. This casino has licenses from many other countries, so it’s strictly a UK-based option. Regardless of that, people love playing games there because of its easy-to-use interface, decent bonuses, and game variety.

Since PayPal is our main concern, let’s talk more about it. The minimum PayPal deposit is £10, with the maximum deposit being £1,000, which is very modest. On the brighter side, the deposits are instant and you get no additional fees.

The Sun Vegas Payment

If you want to withdraw your winnings, you can go for a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £5,500, which is, once again, not very good. What is good, though, is the waiting time. Your winnings should arrive at your PayPal account in less than 3 days.

With a welcome bonus of 100%, up to £300, The Sun Vegas seems very generous but if we take 50 times wagering requirements into account, that’s not necessarily the case. Because of that, it deserved the last spot on our list of best PayPal online casinos in the UK.

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How to Use PayPal to Deposit Money on Your Online Casino Account?

It’s very easy. Depending on the casino you’re using, go to the Deposit tab and there, choose the method you like. Every casino offers at least five methods and this service has a pretty distinct logo, so you won’t make a mistake.

Now, choose how much you want to deposit or type the number yourself. Click Proceed (or Next), and then, you’ll be prompted to enter your PayPal credentials to complete the deposit process. Enter your email and password, click Login, and the money will be on your account in less than a minute.

The same applies to withdraws. You’ll need to visit the Withdraw tab, choose how much you want to transfer, use PayPal as we explained, and you’ll be good to go. The difference is that you’ll need to wait a bit more for withdrawal – usually one to 7 days.

Pros & Cons of PayPal as a Deposit/Withdraw Method

PayPal is quite a controversial company, to say the least. Some people love it and some people simply despise it. Whatever the case may be, you can’t dispute its popularity and the ease of use. Let’s talk more about its pros and cons in this section.


Let’s start with the advantages first:

Instant Deposits

As we mentioned above, deposits are instant here, which is why it’s so practical to use it. As soon as you log in and deposit your money, you can see it on your online casino account. That’s not the case with credit cards and other methods that aren’t based on e-wallets. Hence it is the best option for us.

Free Transactions

People love free stuff and thankfully, this platform offers free transactions – in most cases. A vast majority of casinos don’t impose any payment fees, so you’ll deposit/withdraw the exact amount of money you want.

We made sure that the casinos we presented don’t take any fees, so you won’t go wrong with either of them.

Privacy & Security

If you don’t want to give away your credit card number or bank account details, this is the best way to go (after Bitcoin). This way, the casino will only know your PayPal email. Not to mention that there are advanced encryption and multiple protection standards so that your payments always arrive where they’re intended to.

PayPal security

Multi-Platform Compatibility

PayPal supports every major platform out there. We like the computer version the most but the mobile version is very easy to use. It lets you access it by scanning your finger and after that, you’re immediately at the home screen.

The supported platforms are Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux.

PayPal apps


It’s time to see the drawbacks of this service.

Not Available in Every Country

This service is not available in every country, which is a bit of a bummer, especially if you’re planning to use it on your phone. Downloading it from the Google Play/Apple store will be impossible in this scenario, so you’re left with no mobile app.

You can use a VPN in this case but it means paying additional money on a monthly basis.

Not Every Casino Supports It

Beware that not every casino supports PayPal (that’s maybe why you did not find some in our ranking). On our site, we’ll mostly review those who do but that doesn’t mean that every casino can take advantage of it. Some of them simply didn’t sign the contract with this company, hence they can’t use it for payments.

Some Withdrawal Fees – Rare Cases!

The same applies here. We gave you the casinos that won’t impose any fees, which are the best. That doesn’t mean that some casinos have withdrawal fees, though! Although they’re not big, you still don’t want them to take your money.

Let’s use Betfair as an example. It takes a 1.5% fee for each withdrawal. It’s not much but what if you earn $10,000, for example. 1.5% of that number is $150 and that’s not negligible.


Before wrapping things up, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Is PayPal a Safe Payment Method?

Yes, it is. It has a plethora of protection standards and 128-bit SSL encryption for keeping your data safe.

Are There Any Alternatives to PayPal?

Of course. Online casinos in the United Kingdom support more than a few payment methods. One of the most popular alternatives is Skrill, alongside Neteller, VISA, Master Card, and so forth. All of these methods have certain pros and cons but in our opinion, using e-wallets is the best.

To be precise, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller should be your go-to options whenever possible.

How Much Money Can I Deposit Using PayPal?

This depends on the casino itself. Usually, the minimum deposit is £10 or £20, depending on the casino. As for deposit limits, they can go as far as being unlimited, as it’s the case with Play Ojo.

Does PayPal Require a Credit Card?

Well, you can use PayPal without a credit card. You can make an account and pay online but you can’t withdraw your money from the account without your bank account. And let’s face it – not everyone buys stuff using this service.

For that reason, we recommend connecting your account to a credit card. It’s very easy and the process will last a few minutes.

Is Bitcoin Better than PayPal?

Yes, it is. Using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency means paying anonymously so that no one can track you. Bitcoin wallets don’t contain any personal info, no bank accounts, addresses, and so forth. Instead, they just hold your money in the form of Bitcoin, which serves for paying or withdrawing.

What are the Deposit Times With PayPal?

Deposit times with PayPal are instantaneous and that is one of the main benefits of this service. Withdraw times, on the other hand, can vary from one to seven working days in the UK.