UKGC Needs Public Feedback on How to Make Online Slots Much Safer

UKGC Online Slots Safer

In July 2021, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission requested help from the UK gambling lovers. Allegedly, the gambling regulatory body wants to make online slots different, to make sure that vulnerable customers are safer while playing this casino game.

According to the UKGC, they want to redesign this type of game, to make it more approachable for the newcomers. Their idea is to reduce the intensity of the gameplay in order to give the players more information about the game they’re playing.

Interestingly, the UKGC made a special page where you can contact it, and give your two cents about the situation. The magnitude of this issue seems quite large, as the discussion with fellow players will last until September 3. As many predicted, slots are the main source of income for many online casinos and casinos in general.

However, that wouldn’t be the problem if it was the most popular type of game. Users usually focus on games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, yet slots yield the highest revenue for online casino providers. Why is that? Well, as the UKGC says, slots include “certain features” that can increase the “intensity of play”, which makes it risky for vulnerable players.

What’s the Solution?

There are several solutions that the UKGC has come up with. They work with the Scientific Gaming Corporation and Playtech to get more info about the users’ experience that will significantly impact the possible solutions.

What UKGC wants, for the start, is to introduce a minimum of 2.5 seconds of slot-spin speed, to make the game slower and enjoyable. Furthermore, they want to forbid so-called split-screen games that allow you to place multiple stakes on multiple slots games.

The group of experts wants to introduce some drastic measures, going so far as classifying the games based on how addictive they can be. Because let’s face it, slots are VERY addictive for many users and that’s usually how you lose the most money.

We can expect possible limits regarding stake, time, slot sessions, and the prize you can win. The UKGC also came up with an idea to “fix” certain visual and sound effects that signify wins or losses. They want the users to have a clear picture of when the placed bet is a winning one, and when the player lost money.

The interesting measure they want to introduce as well is the ability for the operators to control their players so that they can play only one slot game at a time. This means that you won’t be able to open multiple slots in multiple windows, on the same account.

Instead, you can play only one game and when you turn it off, that’s when you can boot up another.

Final Thoughts

We can see that the UKGC is ready to “battle it out” with the unfair and sometimes, harsh conditions that slots games impose. The measures we mentioned here are subject to change, as the discussion with the players lasts.

Until September 3, we won’t find out what the regulatory body plans to do with this type of game. But, we’re pretty sure that the solution is going to benefit both gambling operators and players.

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